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Testimonials of Satisfied Producers and Composers Using Sounds!

Listed below are the testimonials of various producers and composers who have purchased and use sounds from in their music production needs!  If you have purchased sounds from and would like to also share your testimonials along with your website link to your beats or musical instrumentals, feel free to complete the form below!  Thank you all for your continued compliments and testimonials to the sounds created and sold here at Sounds!


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To submit your testimonial, simply complete the form below with your name, email address, your testimonial, and be sure to include your website URL as well for a link back to your site.  This will help when I post up your testimonial.

Also, if you have an image to send as well, be sure to attach your file to the "Submit Photo Here" box.  Make sure the image is no larger than 170 x 170 in size.  Thank you.




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"I am very, very impressed with the sounds and can guarantee repeat business.  When I did the Google search a short time ago for "VST Shamisen," I was looking for free sounds - as a newcomer to MIDI and VST, I had no idea that such quality sounds were available without paying through the nose.  My wallet is smiling :-)  "

James Stafford

"Whats uppp, all producers out there its Joseph, head of SNM Productions.  If you need sounds this is where you got to be: The sounds are sick!  Just got to have a creative thought and you can make hits now! Just browse through, buy some sounds, load em up, and start producing. With the sounds I purchased, its opening doors and I am currently working on major projects in the studio right now. Big thanks to on great sounds and excellent service i will always be on the site!!!!"

SNM Productions Beatz

CEO: Edwin J Martinez

"Thank you so much for such an awsome product and the price is brilliant thank you for all your help!!  i really do enjoy them they're SUPERB!  I WILL be recommending you to many people producers, stations, ANYONE i can! KEEP UP THE AMAZING QUALITY WORK MATEE!!!"

B. Jones

"The samples are not only unique and fresh but very high quality. I am comfortable with the sonic quality of my song when I use samples."

The Letter L

"OK, off top let me just say, Sounds For Beats did all the little things for you. All of the samples are looped and of pristine quality. I do a lot of Dirty South/Crunk tracks so I have to have good brass. If your looking for those brass sounds that have eluded all in software for years, look no further. These horns practically beg to be put in Hip Hop tracks. Don't sleep on his strings either they are just as hot. Oh and by the way, have you heard their tracks? Heat! My point is, this is a musician making excellent instruments for other musicians. It is pleasantly obvious to me, Genycis does what he does for the love of it, and not the money."

I'm A Fan,

Sincerely ,

KB for UpperSkillz Productions

"I searched google for sounds for about a week straight and when I finally got to I knew i would not have to repeat that search again. They have exactly what I need to provide my producers with the proper sounds and will be getting continued business from me."


"These sounds are very crisp and clean. I'm more of a musician than just a copy paste kind of producer. So to have these sounds to put in place of me playing live off of a keyboard or whatever is perfect."

Denzell Marshall

"Thanks for the sounds. They're worth every penny. I love to use em because they all sound fresh and i will definitely be purchasing more in the near future."


"I must say the free sounds I downloaded, are by far the best quality I've heard (for free online). When ever I need new sounds down the road, I will definitely be ordering from "


KMS | Production aka Kidniceproductionz

"Your soundfonts are incredible, realistic, powerful, and I love them!!!  Thanks for making this stuff free, it's hard to get into the industry when you've got no money and even harder to find actually decent sounds for free. Thank you again."

Rocket Man Far From Home

"Its so easy to run out of sounds and running out of sounds can really hold you back from making new beats, makes sure that doesn't happen."

Da Adam Bomb

"I love this site. Many of the sounds featured on here will be on my cd which will be released May of 2010. I thought I was satisfied with one of the songs but I changed out some VST strings for one of the soundfonts here and it took the track to a completely different level. I highly recommend this site. You all be blessed and continue to be a blessing."

~Jerrell Moore

"I just want to let you know that I love the site and from one producer to another one, I appreciate what you are doing with the sounds.  There will be plenty of more business.  I guarantee it."


Billy K.

"I would like to say that sounds for beats is really helping me get inspired by music again. I will be featuring some of my music when it is all done on to tell my fellow tattoo collectors and artists that I am into music as well. For now the music is still in the creation stage but it has become more thanks to Sounds for Beats. I love the different synths and drums and guitars that are in the packages that you have on your site and I also like that you have the premade packages as well. Thanks for letting me know that the music isnt dead."

Tha Hitman

"You the man... the previous sounds are exactly what I was looking for.  All the other sites give you loops and I didn't want the loops, all I wanted was the sounds. This is perfect,and exactly what I'm looking for.  I'm definitely going to recommend this site to my other producer friends.  Thanks again!"

Will L.

"I cannot say how thankful I am of everything you are doing. As a 17 year old, its hard to come up with the extra money to buy sample packs and vst bundles. Your free sounds have saved my life! The Titanium-G font blew my mind! It is truly one of the best guitar sounds available. I added some reverb, a limiter, and eq'ed it a little. Now it sounds amazing and ridiculously realistic! Thanks again."

Morris Randall

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