Terms Of Use Of Sounds From SoundsForBeats.com

The following below is a list of the terms and conditions for the sounds available for purchase and for free download from SoundsForBeats.com:

  1. All soundfonts, beat loops, samples, soundkits, and other audio file types offered by Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com (Licensor), whether free or for purchase, are royalty free (with the exception of use of actual mini beats such as those used for demonstration of individual instrument sounds or those packages as Mini Beat Loops soundkits.  See "Regarding Mini Beat Loops and Demos of Individual Instrument Sounds Available on SoundsForBeats.com" section below for further details of the terms of beats on SoundsForBeats.com).
  2. All soundfonts, beat loops, samples, soundkits, and other audio file types offered by Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com (Licensor), whether free or for purchase, are licensed, not officially sold as exclusive rights to you (purchaser).
  3. The license granted by your purchase (or free downloads) is given solely to you, the purchaser.
  4. You, the purchaser, by terms of the license of this site, per your purchase (and/or free downloads) are not allowed to resell, redistribute, re-license, copy, loan, upload, download, send by email, or any other means of distribution, to another user other than you, the purchaser, even if sounds are converted into a different format other than what is offered at SoundsForBeats.com.
  5. You are granted rights to edit, tweak, alter, add effects to, or manipulate the audio sounds purchased by you in your music production.  However, these sounds are not eligible for resale without express written consent by Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com
  6. By your purchase of sounds, soundfonts, beat loops, samples, soundkits, drum kits, and other audio file types offered by Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com, you agree to waive that Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com is not held responsible if any of the sounds offered from SoundsForBeats.com does not meet your qualifications or specific needs for your music production.  All sounds offered on SoundsForBeats.com whether for sale or free download, are warranty free and therefore, waives liability from Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com if sounds do not produce desired result within your music production.
  7. You agree by purchase (and/or downloading free sounds offered) that you are responsible for the knowledge of using these sounds with compatible software and/or plugins that will allow the playback of the sounds available.  File types are purchased as is.  If you decide to convert these sounds, you are responsible for any translation issues that may result, including but not limited to, no sound playback, wrong notes being played in translated format, or other audio anomalies that may occur.
  8. Sounds from SoundsForBeats.com may not be offered individually, such as playing a sound and recording it for the use of redistribution or resale.
  9. If you, the purchaser, wishes to use these sounds in a specific way other than what is allowed per the Terms of Use, you will need to contact Genycis to work out a contract pertaining to your needs and desires.
  10. By purchasing (and/or downloading free sounds offered), you agree to be bind by these terms of use.  Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com reserve the right to amend the terms of use at any time without notice.
  11. Any and all unauthorized replication and distribution of sounds created and available for sale (or free download) at SoundsForBeats.com is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of the terms of use expressed above and may be punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

Returns and Refunds

Due to the content that is sold on this website in the form of audio samples that are sent as download, there are no eligible refunds on any products on this site.  If a sound is not loading properly, then Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com will continue working with you, the purchaser to resolve the issue.  You, the purchaser, are liable and responsible for knowing what you are purchasing prior to purchasing it and to insure that you are able to play the sounds available on SoundsForBeats.com.  For this reason, free downloads are available as a means of testing the audio type available with your software.  Genycis and SoundsForBeats.com, as mentioned above, are not held liable for purchases made for music production software or hardware to which the sounds purchased are not compatible.  Please contact before purchasing if you are not completely sure.

Regarding Mini Beat Loops And Demos Of Individual Instrument Sounds Available On SoundsForBeats.com

All beat demos and beat samples created for demo or purchase on this site are considered instrumentals / beats created by Genycis which are not eligible as royalty free as mentioned above.  If you wish to use either a beat / instrumental created for demo of an individual instrument sound, or the complete beat available in one of the Mini Beat Loops soundkits available on SoundsForBeats.com, you will need to contact Genycis at genycis@yahoo.com to discuss a contract for use of the beats / instrumentals on SoundsForBeats.com.  The beats / instrumentals made as demonstration of individual instrument sounds may be licensed as a non exclusive for a discussed price if desired, but are not however, eligible as exclusive purchase.

Shipping & Handling

All sounds purchased through SoundsForBeats.com are purchased and sent via download by email through a download link.  You, the purchaser, should allow a timeframe between 1 - 3 days for sounds to be prepared and sent to you via email.  If you wish to have a CD / DVD disc of your purchase mailed to you via ground mail, a shipping and handling charge of $5.00 will be added to your total.  If the disc is defective, a new disc will be resent to you with the same sounds you purchased.  No alterations of orders are allowed once CD / DVD, or download has been sent to customer.  Please download sounds within 5 days of purchase.  SoundsForBeats.com is not responsible for downloads that are not downloaded in a timely manner and are then inaccessible, and an additional charge may be charged to you, the purchaser, if you wish to have the order resent to you after expiration date of downloads.

SoundsForBeats.com is verified with Paypal and all informations used for Purchase from SoundsForBeats.com are kept confidential and private and are protected.

SoundsForBeats.com does not claim affiliation to any and/or all of the audio production companies mentioned on SoundsForBeats.com.  While sounds will work with most music production software, please also be aware that limitations may result due to version updates, patches, or other changes made by the music production software companies.  SoundsForBeats.com, while striving to insure that sounds work with music production software, is not liable for any problems that may result from changes, updates, or other modifications or limitations that any and/or all software may exhibit.


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