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<a href="">Musical Instrument Samples and Drum Kits</a> - for sounds for beat makers and producers. Hip hop samples, music instrument sounds, drum kits, drum samples, soundfonts, for Fruity Loops, Reason, and more! - website for hip hop beats, rap instrumentals, r&b instrumentals, club beats, and other types of beats and instrumentals for rappers, singers, and artists who need beats for mixtapes, albums, demos, videos, and more!  Non exclusive beats and exclusive beats for artists in hip hop music, rap music, r&b music, and more! - FL Studio lets you create your own songs and audio loops. It comes with hundreds of sound effects, tweaking instruments and automated tools. It offers a piano roll, MIDI support, multi-out VST and VSTi support, multi-out DX and DXi support and multi-out Rewire support.  Get your copy and start making hip hop beats today! - Looking for a web hosting provider that provides options for your website creation and bandwidth?  Need a large amount of webspace for your website creation?  Looking for options with unlimited bandwidth and web storage space for your website needs?  Want fast technical support with your website issues? is a great web hosting provider and is the web host provider of and  Click on the link and start your website today! - Any producer who's wanting to increase their weight in cash and beat sales will want to consider looking into this page.  It doesn't hurt to give it a glance, you may find the missing link to sell more beats online!

Buy Beats Online| Beats For Sale - Royalty free instrumentals available in many different genres

Buy Beats | Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Pop Ballads | Affordable Leases, Buy Mp3's - Buy Beats for your mixtapes and more from!

Vinyl Records, LPs, and CDs For Sale - For the hip hop producer in need of vinyl records and LPs for sampling and/or DJ'ing, visit for tons of options to choose from!

Download Rap Beats For Sale - hip hop samples and music instrumentals. Exclusive and non exclusive beats and samples. Hip hop beats and instrumentals for hip hop rap artists, rap beat producers, video editors and Dj's. -

Gantreeder Music Production - Online Instrumentals | Leases | Pop Ballads, R&B beats, Latin & Reggaeton tracks | Sample packs

Hip Hop Beats / Rap Instrumentals - Visit, Your #1 source for hip hop and rap beats from professional producers. Browse and buy instantly, or just download sample instrumentals for free.

Beats for Sale - Looking for another outlet for hot beats?  Be sure to check out Don Juan Beatz at for a variety of hip hop beats, rap instrumentals, dirty south beats, and more! - Home of producers Mike Lightner and Elliot Waite, producers of hip hop beats, rap instrumentals, beats for sale, royalty free instrumental music for hip hop artists, movie soundtracks, and multimedia developers.

Improve Your Beat Production - Want to produce better beats?  Then you need to stop by  There, you will find tutorials, plugins, and the knowledge and know how to up your beat game.

Music and CD Mastering - KBJ Records, providing free music mastering, cd mastering, cheap cd duplicaton, free rap instrumentals, and graphic design services

Buy Beats and Instrumentals - Click on the link to visit for more beats and instrumentals.

Hip Hop Beats - Check out more hip hop beats at for a variety of different styles of instrumentals

Hot Rap Instrumentals - Be sure to visit for hip hop instrumentals, rap instrumentals, and more, including a blog as well!  Bang with the letter L! - Looking for up to date hip hop news, hip hop music information, rap music resources, and other types of information or resources?  Make sure you click on the link to visit for more information and news! - In need of hip hop and rap resources?  Looking for more information to get your hip hop career pushing forward?  Hip Hop Directory has lots of links for you to use that can help you with what you need to know, or what may help you elevate your hip hop rap game forward!  Visit today!

Beats, Fashion, Mixtapes - Where the beats, fashion, mixtapes, and hiphop video's live! join today at - EZGenerator is an easy to use and powerful website building tool that creates complete websites which can be hosted anywhere! All graphical elements & menu structures are automatically generated based on an impressive collection of over 2000 customizable graphical templates. - A very popular chat forum designed to gather up and coming producers, as well as rap artists or other people in the industry to post about various thoughts, topics, tips, questions, and other information.  A wealth of information right within the forum.

Viola Strings - Searching online for viola strings at low prices? GoStrings LLC. is one of the best online stores to get viola strings and other music accessories. Their product line includes a wide variety of viola strings.

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